寄る辺ない情念 / A Solitary Emotion

青木真莉子 Marico Aoki
柴田祐輔 Yusuke Shibata
地主麻衣子 Maiko Jinushi
山本篤 Atsushi Yamamoto
和田昌宏 Masahiro Wada

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会場:八番館(〒231-0054 横浜市中区初音町2-42-3 )
※黄金町バザール2024 -世界のすべてがアートでできているわけではない- 第5章 還ってきたOngoing
会期:2024 3.15 (fri) – 6.9 (sun)
Closed Every Thursdays (except 4/4, 5/2, 6/6)

(Art Center Ongoing 小川希)

Encountering new artworks and experiencing a stirring of the heart has diminished considerably over the past decade or so. I wonder if it’s simply because my own sensitivity has dulled with age. While that may not be entirely untrue, it surely isn’t the sole reason. Themes tackled by art nowadays are filled with political and social significance such as gender, sexuality, immigration/refugees, stigma, care, social inclusion, and ecology. When one turns around to look at the other side, commercial markets like art fairs and investment-driven art transactions are only accelerating.
I don’t want to make facile remarks about the uninteresting state of art surrounding us. Personally, I believe I have a high level of interest in political and societal issues, and ignoring money matters is impossible as long as we live under capitalism. However, I can’t help but feel a sense of resignation the moment a direction of “rightness,” whether it be political correctness or a piece’s marketability, is presented.
I have no intention of rejecting politically/socially expressive art or expression aimed at selling; I believe both are necessary. But the art that stirs my heart doesn’t necessarily come with a universally understandable measure of “rightness.” Instead, it brings questions like “What on earth is this?” or surprises me, shaking up my perspective on the world.
So, the expressions of the five artists I am introducing this time may easily bounce back when trying to interpret them within existing knowledge or context. Rather, it might be okay to eliminate the criterion for determining the “rightness” of art from the beginning. By confronting each expression with a blank slate, you should notice the budding of emotions before they turn into words, including the question “What on earth is this?” and the surprise that follows. Because what you’re seeing is an art expression that continues to drift aloof, unbound by pre-existing forms or values, embodying a solitary emotion. As long as that remains, surely the heart will be stirred again.
(Art Center Ongoing, Nozomu Ogawa)

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